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 Rent Control Histories

    When a Landlord purchases a building from foreclosure, the seller (bank) usually does not have any paperwork from the prior owner.  If there are Rent Controlled tenants, the new Landlord has no way of knowing what the legal rent is aside from a monthly "rent" amount given to them by the seller.  There is usually no way of knowing if this "rent" amount represents the Maximum Base Rent (MBR), the Maximum Collectible Rent (MCR), whether it includes the Fuel Cost Adjustment (FCA) or whether the amount is completely wrong or based on how much the tenant decided to pay.  Without the paperwork, there is no way of knowing whether the prior owner filed MBR's or FCA's.

DHCRexpert.com obtains Rent Control Histories and Fuel Cost Adjustment Records from DHCR and evaluates them, in order to assist the Landlord in establishing the most recent filings that were approved and determine the current MCR and FCA.  We also file for re-entry into the MBR and FCA programs.

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